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Publication Highlights Study Describes Mechanics of Dispersant Adsorption at Oil-Water Interface Study_Dispersant_Adsorption_578

Scientists are trying to develop more stable, safer dispersants.  Carnegie Mellon researchers examining the chemical interaction of Tween 80 (a primary component in typical dispersants) at the point where oil and water meet have characterized dispersants behavior in variable test environments. They observed reorganization, irreversible adsorption, and high values of surface elasticity. The researchers discuss Read More

Citizen Science Boaters, Vacationers, and Beach Lovers Report Drift Cards for Oil-Spill Research 2130a

Summer fun check list: 1. enjoy the sun, sand, and surf along the beautiful Gulf of Mexico; 2. track ocean currents; and 3. win a prize. Track ocean currents? Win a prize? Yes! Adults and children from Florida to Texas are calling, emailing, and going online to report little yellow cards they find in the Read More