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GoMRI Students Grad Student Vozzo Assesses Oil Impacts on Louisiana Oysters  Maria Vozzo grades oyster larvae at the LA Sea Grant oyster hatchery. Here, she filters out smaller, younger larvae and collects larger ones ready to settle into spat. Two weeks later, Maria counted the spat that had grown on the tiles and placed the tiles in predator exclusion cages in the field. (Photo credit: Stephanie Grodeska)

Maria Vozzo’s strong interest in Deepwater Horizon research led her from North Carolina to Louisiana to study the oil’s effects on local oysters. Her work has a wide scope, from the oyster’s environmental conditions to their cellular responses. Maria’s creative adaptation of commercial oyster equipment for her research may also improve them for fisherman’s use. Read More

GoMRI Students Grad Student Saha Makes Strides towards an Eco-friendly Dispersant Alternative Amitesh Saha displays his setup to study the underwater injection of dispersant on an oil plume. (Provided by Saha)

Amitesh Saha is on a mission to find safer alternatives to dispersants currently being used in oil spill cleanup. His research is showing promising results that nanoparticle materials could not only replace dispersants but may also help the marine environment’s response. Amitesh is a Chemical Engineering Ph.D. student at the University of Rhode Island (URI) Read More

Citizen ScienceTeachers and Students NBA Player Makes Science the Star for Miami Youth CARTHE_NBAJones_2305a

NBA Champion James Jones took the stage for young fans this July, but not to talk about sports. Instead, his goal was to get kids excited about cutting-edge science happening in their home town. Over 40 kids participated in his week-long Crew 22 Training Camp hosted by the University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine Read More

GoMRI ScientistsVideo and Podcasts C-IMAGE Patrick Schwing Profile

Mind Open Media has just finished up our last Audio Slideshow featuring USF post-doc Patrick Schwing. You can find it on our YouTube channel.