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Publication Highlights Studies Describe Lingering Presence of Hydrocarbons along the Alabama Shoreline Oil_Mousse_1484

Auburn University scientists documented submerged oil mats and surface residual balls (also known as tar balls) on Alabama’s sandy beach systems and analyzed the physical and chemical evolution of compounds matching the characteristics of Macondo oil. ←Typical mousse, SOM, and SRB samples recovered from Alabama’s beaches. (Image provided courtesy of P. Clement from Yin, et Read More

GoMRI ScientistsResearch Stories Smithsonian Features GoMRI Research on Methane-Eating Microbes Methane bubbles rise through a bed of mussels near the Pascagoula Dome. (Image courtesy of the NOAA Okeanos Explorer Program)

During the Deepwater Horizon incident, both oil and methane entered the surrounding marine environment from the Macondo reservoir. Scientists are investigating the released methane’s effects on deep-sea ecosystems. The Smithsonian published a story featuring the work of three GoMRI scientists – Samantha Joye, Jeff Chanton, and Frank Hernandez – who are examining microbes that feed on Read More