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Publication Highlights Study: Eco-Friendly Oil Herders Show Promise for Effective Marine Spill Cleanup Eco-Friendly Oil Herders Show Promise for Effective Marine Spill Cleanup

Scientists demonstrated an effective and environmentally benign technology to harness the forces that cause an oil spill to spread. Researchers from the City College of New York and Tulane University developed chemicals from a biomolecule abundant in marine algae that reversed the direction of the spreading force when applied to the surrounding edge of oil Read More

GoMRI Students How Grad Student Chen Navigates the Whirlpool of Oil Transport Bicheng at Pennsylvania State University works on the coding for simulations involving oil plumes. (Provided by Bicheng Chen)

Bicheng Chen is dedicated to seeking the physical explanations behind everyday phenomena. His research on ocean turbulence and numerical modeling led him to investigate the interactions among wind, waves, and turbulence and their effect on oil transport and dispersion. Bicheng is a meteorology Ph.D. student at Pennsylvania State University and a GoMRI Scholar with the Read More

Publication Highlights Study Describes Transport Pathways During Estuary and Coastal Waters Exchange  Time series of temperature (a, c) and salinity (b, d) profiles at Station 1 (landward, left column) and Station 2 (seaward, right column). Black dots indicate depth and time (December 2013) of measurements. An early flood front accumulates material throughout the water column between 9.8 and 10. An early ebb front appears at ~10.3 and displays more vertical structure than the early flood front.

An international science team conducted a tidal-cycle study across a Destin, Florida inlet to better understand currents and the transport of dissolved and suspended materials between an estuary and the coastal ocean. They observed salinity and water temperature fronts at low and high tide. The high tide front transported oceanic buoyant material into the estuary Read More

Video and Podcasts Navigating Shifting Sands: Oil on our beaches Oil Spill Science Seminar: Oil on our beaches

A seminar series by Sea Grant in the Gulf of Mexico, Navigating Shifting Sands: Oil on our beaches, was held on August 5, 2015 in Pensacola, FL. Scientists shared their work to answer lingering questions about oil that washed up on Alabama and Florida beaches during the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. More than 85 participants Read More