Monthly Archives: January 2018

MaterialsVideo and Podcasts ECOGIG PI Featured on GulfCast Podcast 4916

Dr. Mandy Joye recently appeared on the show to discuss her research on the ocean’s microbial “worker bees,” which carry out critical processes that keep the ocean healthy, and their reaction to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

Lesson PlansMaterials DEEPEND Releases New Teaching Module 4892

The new module Nature in Science targets grades 6-12 and utilizes consortium research data to clearly describe the scientific method, including what is science, how is science conducted, and how is science communicated. The full 45-page module is available for download from the DEEPEND website and here on the GoMRI Education site.  

Lesson PlansMaterials The Gulf of Mexico multidisciplinary curriculum — Deep Sea to Coast Connectivity Curriculum

Deep Sea to Coast Connectivity: Utilizing scientific research to help students make connections between the theoretical nature of science and real world applications, was developed around the five main research areas of the Deep-C Consortium: geomorphology, geochemistry, ecology, physical oceanography, and modeling. Each module includes five cumulative lessons, background information on the topic, relevant supplementary Read More