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C-MEDSGoMRI StudentsPeople Grad Student Owoseni Uses Small Particles to Tackle Large Spills Sehinde, at the Tulane University Coordinated Instrumentation Facility, sits beside the scanning electron microscope he uses to image halloysite nanotubes and oil droplets stabilized by them. (Photo by Chike Ezeh)

An interest in oil spill research led Olasehinde Owoseni from Ile-Ife, an ancient city in Nigeria, to the Louisiana coast. Such a change might seem intimidating, but Sehinde sees it is as a small step toward his greater goal. His research examines the use of miniscule clay particles for the development of safer and more Read More

C-MEDSGoMRI StudentsPeople Grad Student Saha Makes Strides towards an Eco-friendly Dispersant Alternative Amitesh Saha displays his setup to study the underwater injection of dispersant on an oil plume. (Provided by Saha)

Amitesh Saha is on a mission to find safer alternatives to dispersants currently being used in oil spill cleanup. His research is showing promising results that nanoparticle materials could not only replace dispersants but may also help the marine environment’s response. Amitesh is a Chemical Engineering Ph.D. student at the University of Rhode Island (URI) Read More

C-MEDSGoMRI StudentsPeople Grad Student Worthen Improves Oil Production and Cleanup Using Nanoparticles Andrew samples an oil-in-seawater emulsion, stabilized with polymer-coated iron oxide nanoparticles. (Photo provided by Worthen)

Andrew Worthen’s research is “all about discovering how we can steward the planet more responsibly,” something he gets closer to every day. While Andrew’s initial nanoparticle research focused on creating more efficient and eco-friendly oil extraction methods, he is now applying his findings to oil spill treatment and mitigation. Andrew is a chemical engineering Ph.D. Read More

C-MEDSCitizen ScienceGoMRI ScientistsPeople Tulane Scientists Hold Oil Spill Q&A Event with Vietnamese Fishing Community C-MEDSVietnameseFishing_2256a

Many people outside of the Gulf Coast region are not aware of the large population of Vietnamese residents who live across this area, in concentrated communities from Texas to Alabama. Arriving as refugees during and after the Vietnam War, they settled along the Gulf Coast to work in the booming commercial fishing industry.  Today, the Read More