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Uncategorized Modeling Study Analyzes Sperm Whale Recovery after Environmental Disturbances Dr. Azmy Ackleh reviews modelling simulations of how environmental disturbances impact sperm whales. The contour plot on the left shows that a small change in survival rates over a long time period results in a large change in population dynamics. Photo provided by A. Ackleh.

Researchers used population models to investigate how reduced survival and fertility after environmental disturbances, such as an oil spill, might affect sperm whale populations. Model simulations indicated that the magnitude of a disturbance had a stronger impact on recovery from lethal and sublethal effects than its duration. When comparing lethal and sublethal effects of the Read More

Uncategorized DEEPEND Scientists Catch Record Size Anglerfish Monster size Angler fish..

While most individuals of this species measure roughly the size of a golf ball, the adult female anglerfish captured during the consortium’s ongoing research cruise measured six inches! Read more about this strange fish and its peculiar mating habits here. Visit DEEPEND’s Education/Outreach Program Kids Blog       Adult Blog Visit our social media pages…