CONCORDE Consortium: Education and Outreach

CONCORDECoastal River-Dominated Ecosystems (CONCORDE) scientists explore water movements and organism distributions in the northern Gulf of Mexico to see how oil and dispersants from future oil spills might impact the biota.

An important part of the scientific process—one as carefully planned as every experiment in a well-thought-out program—is how to share findings with the community who will benefit most from understanding them. The education program of CONCORDE addresses the level of public trust in science through a two-pronged approach to make sure the information produced by CONCORDE scientists gets into the right hands.

Jessie Kastler, Coordinator of Program Development at the Marine Education Center of USM’s Gulf Coast Research Laboratory, is engaging two specific audiences to work with CONCORDE researchers.

By targeting these two groups, teachers and fishermen, Kastler hopes to grow the local investment in the health of the Gulf across the community while spreading knowledge of CONCORDE’s work.

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