DEEPEND Releases Deep Sea Amphipod Video

The short video depicts a small crustacean called an amphipod, which uses large claws to not only eat its prey but also use their resources to build a gelatinous home around itself. You can watch the video and read a bit more about amphipods here.

Deep sea amphipod!Here we have a video of a deep sea amphipod! Amphipods are interesting little creatures! They are considered crustaceans. This amphipod species uses its large claws to prey on zooplankton, jellies, and siphonophores. The amphipod not only eats these creatures, but collects resources from them to build the barrel we see. The barrel we are referring to is the gelatinous portion around the amphipod! The barrel turns into the amphipod’s home and provides protection and camouflage! This is also where the idea for the movie Alien came from! Pretty sweet, huh?

Posted by DEEPEND_gom on Tuesday, January 19, 2016