The Gulf of Mexico multidisciplinary curriculum — Deep Sea to Coast Connectivity


The Gulf of Mexico multidisciplinary curriculum… Click Image for PDF.

Deep Sea to Coast Connectivity: Utilizing scientific research to help students make connections between the theoretical nature of science and real world applications, was developed around the five main research areas of the Deep-C Consortium: geomorphology, geochemistry, ecology, physical oceanography, and modeling. Each module includes five cumulative lessons, background information on the topic, relevant supplementary reading materials, a glossary, and an assessment. The purpose of this curriculum is to: Provide teachers with a user-friendly curriculum that will introduce students to real-world applications of science as well as specific examples of environmental disasters – their impacts on ocean ecosystems as well as nature’s ability to and mechanisms for recovering from such events and to increase Gulf of Mexico literacy. The curriculum is aligned with ocean literacy principles and the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards (NGSSS).

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