LADC-GEMM Consortium: Education and Outreach

LADC-GEMMThe Littoral Acoustic Demonstration Center – Gulf Ecological Monitoring and Modeling (LADC-GEMM) consortium scientists have been collaborating through the LADC since 2001. The team will bring to GoMRI the experience of 14 years of continuous acoustic research in the northern GoM. The LADC-GEMM consortium members include the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, the University of New Orleans, the University of Southern Mississippi, and Oregon State University. The consortium’s expertise and experimental capabilities are extended through collaboration with Proteus Technologies, LLC, R2Sonic, LLC, C&C Technologies, and Seiche Measurements Limited.

The goal of the LADC-GEMM Education and Outreach team is to communicate the methods used and the results obtained to the public via presentations, teacher-training events about the technologies used, scientist-in-residence programs, web sites, videos, etc.

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