Meet C-IMAGE Student of the Month Marcia Trillo


C-IMAGE Student of the Month for May 2016 is Marcia Trillo, a M.S. student. (Photo by C-IMAGE)

Our Near-field and far-field modeling group is working to recreate oil spills under varying conditions. Applying strong currents and adding dispersants which changes droplet sizes in computer models can make predicting their eventual fate easier. Marcia Trillo, a M.S. student studying in Dr. Claire Paris’ lab, is helping answer questions about oi-water interactions.

Marcia is the C-IMAGE Student of the Month for May 2016. We asked her about her past studies and research for this month’s blog.


Marcia incorporates droplet size distribution and biodegradation rate data into current modelling systems to help improve their ability to trace and predict oil fate and expand our understanding of oil-water interactions. Learn more about her background, research, and findings here!

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