Mud, Microbes, and Mammals – Podcasts Take Listeners on Audio Trips through the Gulf

Mud, Microbes, and Mammals – Podcasts

In this digital multimedia age, scientists with the Center for Integrated Modeling and Analysis of Gulf Ecosystems (C-IMAGE) are taking their work to the public via a series of podcasts, bringing their research to life in a way that traditional print media never could. Produced by David Levin and Ari Daniel of Mind Open Media and available to anyone with an internet connection, the broadcasts cover various aspects of C-IMAGE’s oil spill research. The C-IMAGE podcast series, called The Loop, takes listeners under the sea, down into the mud and back to the lab with the researchers as they follow the oil through the Gulf of Mexico ecosystem. Both Florida Public Radio’s Florida Matters and Public Radio International’s Living on Earth have featured Lasting Impacts of Gulf Oil Spill band Deepwater Disaster Three Years On broadcasts, bringing this science to an even wider audience.