Smithsonian Releases Interactive Tool on Oil Spill Science

Visitors to the Smithsonian Ocean Portal now have the opportunity to learn more Smithsonian Releases Interactive Tool to teach Oil Spill Scienceabout oil spills like the Deepwater Horizon. By using the Smithsonian’s newly released interactive tool on oil spill science, they can learn about cleanup efforts, dispersants, where the oil went, seafood safety, and the impacts on the Gulf.

The Portal team, in partnership with scientists funded by the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative (GoMRI), developed an interactive infographic, The Anatomy of an Oil Spill: Science from the Gulf of Mexico, to visualize the oil spill and describe the research underway in the Gulf.

Visitors can follow a story line from the beginning of the spill to the present, exploring the event and its impacts using information provided by GoMRI research findings.Explore this informative resource and see other GoMRI-related content on the Smithsonian Portal here. GoMRI and the Smithsonian have a partnership to enhance oil spill science content on the Ocean Portal website.