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This site houses a collection of the wide variety of education and education-related materials being developed through funding from the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative.


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Recent Additions to the Site:

Video and Podcasts DEEPEND Discusses Light, Water, and Color in New Video light_water_color_2046

This video clip by Oceanscape Network depicts how water can affect the color of light and how deep sea animals use this for camouflage. Students created underwater creatures out of colored paper and determine which colors offer the best camouflage. Oceanscape Network Color and the Deep Blue Sea http://oceanscape.aquarium.org/

GoMRI Scholars Grad Student Young Studies Gulf Water at Its Most Basic Level young_2016a

Chemical engineer Jordan Young has found his happy place on a research vessel in the Gulf of Mexico. He’s looking for changes in ocean acidity following the Deepwater Horizon spill. As the oil biologically degrades, some of it oxidizes to carbon dioxide and may increase acidification. The Earth’s oceans have maintained a relatively stable pH level Read More

Fact SheetsResearch Stories Deep-C Helps Develop New Ocean Modelling Software opendrift_2040

A new, open source software for modeling the trajectories and fate of particles (Lagrangian Elements) drifting in the ocean, or even in the atmosphere, has been developed a the Norwegian Meteorological Institute in cooperation with the Institute of Marine Research. The software, known as OpenDrift, is a generic framework written in Python. It is openly Read More

Fact SheetsStudent Activities 2016 Dauphin Island Sea Lab ROV Teacher Workshop DISL_ROV_teacher_workshop

Have you been working with Robotics & looking for something to keep students going after the competition?  Or are you looking for ways to integrate STEM in your classroom?  Have you considered ROVs – remotely operated vehicles? Working with ROVs builds on student interests in technology, are a great way to integrate STEM efforts and Read More

Fact SheetsStudent Activities 2016 Dauphin Island Sea Lab ROV Competition rovcompetition

A focus on developing Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) skills has gained nationwide attention in K-12 education. Its purpose is to excite and prepare students for majors and careers as scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians in order to meet the growing workforce demands of the 21st century. Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) competitions are a Read More