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This site houses a collection of the wide variety of education and education-related materials being developed through funding from the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative.


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Recent Additions to the Site:

GoMRI Scholars Grad Student Robinson Follows Little Blue Crabs for Bigger Food Web Picture 2978f

Elizabeth Robinson studies blue crab’s role in the northern Gulf of Mexico food web, looking closely at how Deepwater Horizon oil might have affected the natural predator-prey balance. Many people who hear the phrase ‘marine life’ typically think first about big ocean animals like whales and dolphins. Elizabeth explained why smaller marine animals – like Read More

Lesson Plans K-6th Grade Lesson Plan: Taking Science Deeper Activities deepend_wide_logo_squirt

The Deep Plagic Nekton Dynamics (DEEPEND) Consortium has created lesson plans for “Taking Science Deeper” Activities. Click the links below to download these lesson plans… Book 1: Introduction to the Deep Sea Book 2: Deep-Sea Animals Book 3: Hagfish Day! Book 4: Ocean Currents and Pollution Awareness For additional educational materials from DEEPEND, click here…. Kids Read More

Video and Podcasts Hey Kids! Did you know some fish can light up!! 2867

How do they do that? Watch Squirt’s video to find out how and why certain ocean dwellers produce their own light – called bioluminescence.  They use this ability of counterillumination to hide from predators. Want to know more?…  Visit our Kids Blog Video Credits: DEEPEND Consortium

Research StoriesVideo and Podcasts Ten Outstanding Education Products Six Years After Deepwater Horizon 2912_sm

Communicating oil spill research is essential to improve society’s understanding about spills and their ability to respond to and mitigate them. The Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative (GoMRI) has been funding spill-related research since 2010. Here are ten outstanding education products and resources that GoMRI and its science community have developed to share what they Read More

Fact Sheets Fiddler Crabs of the Gulf of Mexico: Fact Sheet by CWC 2860a

Want to know more about the fiddler crab? Click here to download the Coastal Waters Consortium (CWC) Fact Sheet on the Fiddler Crab’s habitat, food sources, behavior, cultural common name, and many more interesting facts. Over the years, students who have participated in Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium (LUMCON) Estuarine Awaremess and Discovery (LEAD) Camp and Field Marine Read More