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This site houses a collection of the wide variety of education and education-related materials being developed through funding from the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative.


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Recent Additions to the Site:

Fact SheetsMaterialsOutreach Sea Grant Brings Partnership with GoMRI to NOAA for Oil Spill Preparedness 3961

Friday April 28 Brown Bag Luncheon The Sea Grant Oil Spill Outreach Program is collaborating with NOAA entities to extend the two-way dialogue with sectors who were impacted by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. A brown-bag lunch presentation will be held on Friday, April 28 at noon eastern time in Silver Spring, MD (NOAA Central Read More

GoMRI SciencePublication Highlights Study Analyzes Trends and Gaps in Oil Spill Literature Since 1968 3965

Researchers surveyed oil spill studies between 1968 and 2015 to characterize the field and describe changes. The team found that, despite its episodic nature, oil spill research is a rapidly expanding field with a growth rate greater than science as a whole. Research attention shifted dramatically to the Gulf of Mexico following Deepwater Horizon, rising Read More

GoMRI ScienceResearch Stories Oceanography Highlights Findings from Deepwater Horizon Research 3969

7th year of the largest coordinated research endeavor around an ocean event. The 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill and subsequent response efforts raised concerns about impacts on the Gulf of Mexico’s ocean and coastal environments. The Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative (GoMRI), in response to the spill, initiated an unprecedented 10-year scientific research program funded Read More

GoMRI ScientistsOutreachPeopleTeachers and Students SeaGlide Workshop Engages Teachers and Students in Ocean Research Technology 3973a

LADC-GEMM researchers from Oregon State University, the University of New Orleans, and Proteus Technologies explained how they use ocean gliders to collect temperature, pressure, and acoustic data such as sounds made by Gulf of Mexico whales and dolphins. The team guided the participants in constructing their own SeaGlide models assisted by eight Warren Easton Charter Read More

GoMRI ScientistsOutreachPeopleTeachers and Students CONCORDE Leads Expedition for Early Career Scientists 4005

The consortium led an expedition to Deer Island to teach early career scientists about the island’s history and how to create an elevation profile using elevation rods. They also explored the island to observe changes from one side to the other. See the original post here!