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Video and Podcasts Gary Finch Outdoors ECOGIG AUV Eagle Ray Submarine

Gary Finch Outdoors recently had a chance to visit Ole Miss, where the ECOGIG consortium is continuing it’s ongoing studies on the long term health of the Gulf of Mexico. This particular group is using a yellow submarine to study and map the sea floor.

Video and Podcasts Coastal Waters Consortium

The purpose of this site is to inform the public of current scientific research and education activities being conducted by the Coastal Waters Consortium which is funded through the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative.

Teachers and StudentsVideo and Podcasts Gary Finch Outdoors CARTHE Drifters Field Trip Gary Finch Outdoors CARTHE Drifters Field Trip

Scientists from the University of Miami have been visiting our area for the last three weeks studying the movements of ocean currents along the coast in order to observe how they carry oil, fish larvae or toxins in the water. On this particular day, 7th grade science students from Episcopal Day School in Pensacola were Read More

Teachers and Students Student Drifter Competition for Coastal Oil Experiment has Cascading Wins 2444a

It was a tall order, but high school students rose to the challenge: they integrated physics, engineering, and scientific curiosity and created functional data-gathering drifters. They also became part of a scientific effort to improve predictions of how oil moves through coastal waters and onto shores. In December at Ft. Walton Beach, Florida, scientists deployed Read More

Citizen ScienceTeachers and Students Oil Patty Research with Top Scientists Turns Students into Citizen Science Enthusiasts 2114a

Talk about compounding interest! Put together scientists and teachers who are passionate about their work with students who are eager to help with ongoing research and watch as excitement fuels student engagement, sparks career interest, and feeds enthusiasm of all. And as a side bonus, research is conducted more efficiently in both time and cost. Read More