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Deep-Pelagic Nekton Dynamics of the Gulf of Mexico (DEEPEND) is excited to share their science, teaching content, and exciting outreach programs with everyone over the next 3 years. Part of DEEPEND’s goal for a successful program is to have a robust education/outreach platform for anyone interested in learning more about the projects, the people and the science of the DEEPEND Consortium.

There are three prongs to our approach: The public, grades K- deepend_squirtgraduate education, and the various outreach partnerships we are building as this program launches.

  1. For Grades K-5, the “Creep into the Deep” program run through WhaleTimes, Inc. will engage students in real time with the scientists onboard research vessels as they explore the deep sea.
  2. For Grades 6-12, the “Gulf of Mexico Exploration” Teacher workshops and DEEPEND Teacher-At-Sea Program will engage secondary teachers in learning deep-ocean project content as well as taking science lessons back to the classrooms to share with students. They also have the opportunity to experience the science through participating on a research cruise with the DEEPEND Team. Workshops are held once a year (St. Petersburg, FL: Year 1) and the teachers submit applications to become one of our team members on a cruise over summer or in the fall of each year (3 teachers/year).
  3. For Undergraduate and Graduate students, there are many DEEPEND projects that will need to be completed throughout the 3-year process as well as opportunities to join the DEEPEND team on cruises. Please go to the main page for more details about individual projects.
  4. If interested in more details, please email

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